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Ohh Snap =]

2009-01-01 18:25:21 by IndieDance

Just a little head's up! For those of you who liked mi latest two/ three songs, I am working on one right now that will probably blow you away.

THIS song, is like rave/ dance material to the extreme. The melody is slightly repetitive so it makes it like addictive, its crazy.

I hope you guys will love it =]

- AriA

Probably Song Title: Project Aspiration, or Aspiration, or....Something =]


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2009-01-02 18:12:34

Hey Newgrounds! This is my current project, inspired by hope, fun, just being stupid, and a new year!
I think you guy will like it =] I hope at least lol.

Keep in mind though, THIS IS JUST THE INTRO!

But anyway, stats!

140 BPM
32 Patterns
17 Automation Clips
4 Recorded Knobs
28 Channels
23 Mixer Channels
27 Mixer Effects


PLEASE Review/ Vote / Download!

- Always Yours -
- AriA -

EDIT: (Jan. 2. 2009) Just upped the bass and kick a bit =] Enjoy!
EDIT: (Jan. 2. 2009) Again, a few minor changes.


2009-01-02 21:38:07

lol sounds like it's going to be pretty badass. Message me when it's up.

I just uploaded a new song: n/199986

Check it out :)