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2009-02-05 16:43:04 by IndieDance


Prepare for some ownage... =]


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2009-02-07 18:29:50

Aaaayyyy! It's been long enough that it took em!


2009-02-08 18:08:06

Hey Newgrounds! Here's AriA with another submission =]

This one, titled Infinity due to the simple nature of the song. You keep adding one, over and over and over again, until you finally get there. But, once you're there, you want to get father, so you keep going over and over again.

This song, is meant to be a inspirational piece, inspirational / infinite piece. It's not VERY complex, but it took me LOADS of time, i hope you guys will be able to appreciate the hard work that i put into this.

I guess its done for now, but I am probably going to change up the conclusion a little bit, MAYBE. I'll also look into making changed that you guys suggest =]

But, anyway this song is truly going to be dedicated to my friends, ALL of them. Specially the ones that give me advice on my music. Alex, Kasia, Danielle, George, Matt, my first ever fan, and everyone else, this is for you. Ohh, and Billy, for being my first EVER inspiration and motivation to make music in the first place. Thanks a bunch to him. =]

Stats :

160 BPM
38 Patterns
24 FX
4 Arp Sequences (Custom Made)
1 Siren...(Custom Made)
2:13 (Yeh not that long...but its okay?)
28 Mixer Channels
39 Effects


PLEASE Vote/ Review/ Download! =]


P.S Inspiration credit goes to CMG. Thanks a BUNCH.