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OmG Make Me Famous! =]

2008-12-30 00:11:21 by IndieDance

Check out my two latest and greatest creations =]

Epic Soul and Ravers Phantasy!

Enjoy and Vote! =]

Yay! =] 2009 Here We Come!

2008-12-29 18:23:56 by IndieDance

Okay, 2008 was a great year, i STARTED making music months ago? Lol, so really haven't done TOO much.

But some highlights for me =]

1) Got my first song to over 300 listens O.o
2) Started LOVING making Dance/ Trance / Techno. YAY!
3) Got fans =]
4) Reviewed a lot in hopes of getting more popular.
5) Became a pretty well established and liked artist.

That's my top least, so i think =]

What about you?

New Song =]]

2008-12-28 16:23:18 by IndieDance

Yay! Finally am finished, i hope you'll like it! =]

Kinda something i thought would be a good and nice piece to hear at a rave/ party, i dunno, it'd make me dance =]

But but, let me know what you think, like i want to know if you think my work's are top 30 worthy/ weekly best worthy =]

Anyway, stats!:

140 BPM
43 Channels
54 Patterns
27 FX
13 Sweeps (Custom Made =])
32 Mixer Channels
27 Mixer Effects

=] Enjoy!

Please Review/ Vote / Download! =]

- AriA

Going to put it up in a little bit, it was up but got zero bombed -.-

Oo? Yay!

2008-12-21 14:52:17 by IndieDance

In light of recent events, im quite happy right now due to people actually liking my music and commenting on my posts xD

It makes me happy =] Being a 15 year old music producer that's finally getting 10s.....despite zero bombers xD

Anyway, im in winter break, and if anyone wants to collab, Helth, yeh i already know you do, let me know!

I can try n do whatever part you want me to do, just let me know though.

Anyway guys, happy holidays and enjoy break if you have one =]

Yours Forever,


Hmm =]

2008-12-19 12:16:52 by IndieDance

Ahh whats with these zero bombers lol. They ruin everything =]

We gotta make a stand guys, to like bring them down. If you see a song with a score that you think is unfair, just give it a 5 =]

Im in, whos with me?

My Goal For NG =]

2008-12-13 19:55:25 by IndieDance

Finally decided that i would love to make the "Weekly Top 5" or the "Top 50 All Time" list by the end of this year.

I hope i can xD

Another New SOng! =]

2008-12-06 21:50:53 by IndieDance /192607

Check it outt

New Song =]

2008-12-04 20:46:30 by IndieDance /192037

Making music isnt easy =] check it out and let me know what ya think!

Put up a New Introduction!

2008-12-03 18:59:48 by IndieDance

Check it out =] I think you'll like!

Music =]

2008-12-01 22:29:28 by IndieDance

Take a look at my music People !! =]