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pretty decent

okay, this is ambient for sure. but you NEED, absolutely NEED strings in the background playing throughout the entire song.

like you have at 1:20. thats simply beautiful. once that comes in its good.

but before that, try and make hooks and FX sounds and like make it interesting so the listener gets to the "beauty" before they pick another song.

i think you'll be able to tell if you listen to some of my songs what i mean.

but again though, main thing is you gotta have strings throughout the whole thing.

Nice work, keep it up.

9/10 5/5

3.81 / 5.00 (+ 0.27)

ohh my god

this is amazing dude.

simply amazing.

omg =\ so much potential

this could be AWESOME, needs WAYYYY more kick, a nice buildup (yours is pretttyyy good, though )

and yeh as stated below, the bass is 100% needed.

not bad though =]


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FlyMusik responds:

I do agree that i didn't use much bass, and i could've used better harmony around 0:45 secs. Thanx for the advice =]


this is good lol, those stupid zero bombers are gay =\

keep up the good work

- AriA

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10 actually. but that second melody you use isn't yours....

I've heard it thousands of times in Hindi songs, lol, don't try and pass it off as your own....at least say its a remix....

all you do is take the melody and arp it...that kinda po's me.

T-Free responds:

Really? O.O"
I just took the eurogate in the sequenzer from sytrus. This is used very often in lots of tracks, but the melody itself...? I don't think so.
Could you give me an example for this melody, please? I've never heared one like this on NG.^^° But maybe you could show me the opposite.
If not, I won't say that this is a remix. It's in your hands.
Thank you.^^

ohhhhh snap =]

your best yet, for sure. but yeah i have nothing more to add to the advice that one guy below me gave xD

this definitely has AMAZING potential, just fix those things up / add more.

but main thing for me is try and make your introduction more of a hook =] / faster? i dunno, thats just my opinion .

i LOVE it at 2:09 and afterward, then its just great. keep it up

goodie! =]

very well done, the only thing i can say i didn't like was the obscenely long introduction,

and at 2:08, and farther there is something VERY small, that needs to be mastered that makes such a beautiful melody sound scratchy, i can barely notice it but still, i can xD.

same thing at like 2:56 there is like an arp sound or something that comes in and it takes away from the beauty =\

aniway good work and keep it up! =]

- AriA
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KennyT67 responds:

Thanks for Listening.

lol love how u put that "obscenely long intro" i think it fits, but thanks for the review. always appreciated :)

i also like your stuff too very good work.

cant belive those zero bombers .

wow, dude this is seriously like beautiful, i LOVE the melody, the "yeah" vocal should be brought up/down a octave to fit with the higher melody of the song.

but dude take that melody, and make it into a trance/ techno / dance song, i think it'd do much better as one of those rather then a hip hop song, but still great.

add lyrics....like seriously, this could turn into something literally awesome....i can see this song getting famous if it only had lyrics.

but the main melody does get a little repetitive, try changing it up a bit once in a while.

well done though, very well done =]


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at least up to like 0:20, i absolutely despise the intrsument that comes in then, it sounds fine when its like not killing the main melody, like at 0:48 and stuff.

if your going to do that, choose a more trancy sound, a saw? piano / something awesome.

like the one at 1:25 is great.

but the guitar makes it bad, thats mi opinion xD. i totally hate the guitarie noise, cuz in my opinion thats not supossed to be in a trance song.

and great fade away at the end, try to "fade" it though, use a cutoff filter, (if ur using fruity loops, its the "Fruity Filter" )

rather then to extend the note, also, when you do that, make an automation clip and make the volume dim too.

but great work.

5/5 9/10

- AriA

Come take a look at my stuff too =]

omg u took mi advice!

greattt song now =] the guitar or the second instrument should be changed though cuz its not rly trancy, that makes it sound more like a videogame.

but the original sound you use is really nice. try messing around with the second sound.

and just curious, is this your melody? cuz i can swear ive heard it somewhere xD.

but love it, great work.

- AriA, check out my stuff too.

ps, at like 1:27 something happens to make the sound rly itchy, change that, its ear damaging xD

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