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decent for the little amount of sounds you used xD.

but pretty overall decent, i would make the melody louder, and the strange robotic thing in the background slowly dim out and die.

if that makes any sense at all... ( kill the sound that dissapears at about 0: 59)

anyway, keep it up, ull be much better soon =]

jUMPYm4X responds:

thanks for reviewing.g.g.g.g.g..g.g.g..g.g..g.g.

ohh snapp =]

very nicely done, its crazy lol.

i love it.

take a look at mi stuff too =]

UndergroundFantasy responds:

lol thx for the review. & yea ill be happy to have a look at your work.


amazing, amazing. seirously rock solid .

check out my stuff too =]

DJ-Tonic responds:

thanks, and sure! No prob!

nice =]

more like a 9.5, but sometimes a little distorteted due to the speed.

nicely done though =]

add more bass, and make it louddd though, good =]

take a look at my stuff too =]


need a much faster start

but once it starts, its pretty good, louder kick and less "repetitive" drumz, and if your going to repeat the main melody that much, try to make it a little longer, but overall pretty effing sweet song =]

come take a look ay mi stuff too =]

5/5, 9/10


really 8.5 though,

that scratchy sound is kinda ear hurting, but otherwise nice.

add more kick =] i like hearing a ridiculously loud kick, and otherwise the vocals are ...eh interesting =]

and the beginning is a little repetitive, not really the bass, the bass is nice.

keep it up and nice. 5/5 tho =]

check out my stuff too =]

Jewelz123 responds:

ye i was using that scratchy sound thing to try and get like an effect of the drugs causing discomfort but may reduce the sound and blur it out a bit more to make it less painful :)

thanks for the review mate, will have a look at your stuff :)

good =]

i like it, def will want the final song =]

nicely done.

check out mi stuff too =]

....not bad

decent, LOVE the piano, its soo cooling.

take the crowd off, that's a MAJOR turn off, you have no idea. specially when its all awkwardly distorted.

use "rolls" or "crashes" instead of the stupid crowd =]

otherwise decent.

take a look at my stuff too =]

TheMayo responds:

its not a crowd, its a distorted yell...but yea...I'll look into alternatives


needs to be louder but still its not bad....

u gotta master it tho, too much random stuff that doesnt "fit"

but good =]

come n take a look at my stuff too =]

adavism responds:

yea i don't usally master my shit cuz my track recorder is full and to master it id have to get rid of some of my real songs for me bands so i just bounce the tracks together and call it quite cuz i know im not going anywhere wit this shit. my techno songs are just something a play around wit when im board and give people something to listen to while i work on other songs during recording sessions


i guess i get what ur saying about the melody

sept the only reason i kidna didnt like it is because it sounds really common lol =]

but other then that, nicely done =]

Hey NG, I'm just another producer =] If ya like Dance/ Trance, check out my stuff!

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