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ahhh lmfaoo =]

fucking epic lmfao. loved it. pure creativity =] well done.

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot! Spread the word champ:D

love this song so much

beautiful and amazingly done. =]

Oo not bad.

I made a remix of this song aswell. idk who's is better ^^

but here's the link =]

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/241875

Phoog responds:

Thanks, I just reviewed yours :)

zomg ^^

okay, Chinese 100%, this is beautiful classical work. =]

9/10 because i think you could "blend" the instruments maybe and make some sort of "ambient/ full" -er feel to it. but overall GREAT piece of work. !!

keep it up.

5/5 and def gonna be keeping an eye on you!.

2:40 is eargasm, have more drums! btw, mind telling me what drum sample that was used there? at 2:40?

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you very much for the review! :D

Perhaps indeed make it a little better... hmm. I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for the score.

As for that drum part, send me a PM and I'll tell you.

Wow, LOVE.

This is AMAZING, so inspirational, yet may i ask what "lead" sound you use for that "pad" in the beginning and also the tempo. ?

Meisel responds:

the tempo is 140bpm. the sound you are looking for is SY Yamato found in a Hardstyle plugin for Nexus vst. Also thanks for vote and review! very appreciated!

great. loved it. 100% wow.

this needs to be in clubs =], wellll done

epic, like tiesto. =] great job.

quite good.

okay, this melody u have going is PERFECT for side-chaining. look that up and try it and see what you get =]

but, this is in desperate need of more mastering =] just mess around with the volume levels and try to make everything sound "clean" and not as if your just throwing all your sounds together at one.

also, this needs a DEFINITE kick/bass, i think sidechaining and mastering will help with that.

otherwise very original and well done pice. good work.


Anth0n responds:

You're right, I never learned to master properly. I'll play around with it and replace this one if I can make it better.

great =]

LOVED it, and yes this is definitely more enjoyable then the original. this is beautiful =]

well done dude.

5/5 4.74 / 5.00 (+ 0.025)

come take a look at my stuff too =]

Gloudas responds:

Ya I'll definately check out your stuff. Glad to hear you liked it!

not too bad

def NOT album worthy. i would never buy this lol.

where is the melody? and trnasitions? intro? i can't even tell where this climax's. sry dude, this is pretty suckish lol.

work on melodies, and bass + kick and drums more. then u can even ponder a album.

check out my stuff, i think ull be able to see what i mean.


RawGreen responds:

heheh, seeing that this is pretty old...I would have to agree. Btw, I think this goes under drum and bass. and sorry for disappointing you....gawd, it's old but it does sound good :p

whoa =]

this is prett effing sweet. but louder kick is a must. and look up side chaining on google and learn how to do that.

but this definitely coulddd have been a lot better. keep it up tho.

- AriA

Sacrafan responds:

Yeah, i know how to sidechain, I just was too lazy to do it.

Hey NG, I'm just another producer =] If ya like Dance/ Trance, check out my stuff!

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